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ALL DC Air Conditioner

Work with solar panel, wind power generated dc power source, telecom dc power source, battery or industrial dc power source.

This air conditioner designed used all dc components, bldc compressor and smart temperature sensing integration system; apply as photovoltaic solar air conditioner, or all off-grid solar air conditioner.

  General Specification:
Rated power source: Solar power/battery
Optional power source: wind power, industry dc power source
Rated working voltage: DC48V
Rated working current: 30A
Rated cooling capacity: 18,000Btu/H
Rated heating capacity: 20,500Btu/H
Refrigerant: R410A/ 1.18kg
Installation type: Split wall mounting
8 hours running solar panel configuration: 2300Wp(reference)
8 hours running battery configuration: 300AH/48V
Sunlight time running only configuration: 1800W solar panels and 100AH/48V battery
Sound level: 45dBA (indoor unit) / 47dBA(outdoor unit)
KFR18K048D All dc solar air conditioner specification sheet (169KB)
Dc air conditioner performance testing report depend on 7 kinds of running plate (85KB)  
This testing report conducted depend on China home appliance (air conditioner) national standard related commands GB7725 and used enthalpy method, this report is for reference only.
Principle of running KFR18K048D DC solar air conditioner with solar power(59KB)  
Description and useful contents:
The KFR18K048D dc solar air conditioner adopts all dc components inside from motor, valve and power controls; No AC power needs for this air conditioner running.
The KFR 18K048D is designed for all off grid applications, but still can use with any industrial dc power source for DC48V level or DC260V level.
How many solar panels, battery require for running the solar air conditioner?  (Click to open new page)
Pictures and Demo Unit (Click to open new page)
Does AISLU supply complete solar air conditioner system include solar components?
Yes, Aislu supply complete solar air conditioner system, include of solar air conditioner, Solar panels, solar battery and solar charge controller, below documents show the general components we suggested for global markets.

CNH23060P 230W polycrystalline silicon solar panel 60cells (49KB)
12V/150AH solar wind deep cycle lead acid battery  (352KB)
MPC48V100A05V Solar Charge Controller (542KB)
Certificates and clarification reference
The KFR18K048D solar air conditioner and solar components meet with following safety certificate requirements:

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