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Why Custom Build Air Conditioner?
Specially applications such as rail way system, communication station, marine operation condition always requires a special air conditioner working on special conditions include high temperature, more compact size that to fit with special installation, engineering or operator cabin room, all antiseptic.

What Aislu Can do?
Aislu specially research and design special purpose uses air conditioner for the application of rail way system, communication, marine...etc; From customer given requirements and ideas or samples, design system and provide customer review, prototype making, compressor and parts with system matching, system efficiency and enthalpy tests, pipe bending, welding and fin process, market safety standards match, global parts source, assembly and run tests. Aislu manufacture custom build air conditioner units and heat pump units already for global markets.

Case Study:

A typical general use low temperature condensing unit (R404A) for food-services-equipment/ super market refrigeration store cabient
 PA Series R404A low temperature Condensing Units
General Specification:
Rated Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
Application: Food-services-equipment, supermark refrigeration low profile cabinet.
Refrigerant: R404A
Compressor type: Low Temperature Horizontal Rotary Compressor
More Information:
Heavy Duty Vehicle Roof Top Air Conditioner System.
Prototype Unit pipe system working shop, also available for few mass production during product development.
Enthalpy method air conditioner, refrigeration unit performance testing room
DC Inverter Compressor and Controller matching test, Running test, and system integration.
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