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MK Series DC Inverter Controller
Controlled Compressor Types: DC Inverter Compressor Rotary/Scroll
Power range: 1~10HP (1~3hp/ 3~5hp/5~10Hp structures)
Propositional fan motor use in system: DC Brushless type
Voltage default: 220/240V 50Hz 1phase (170~260V)
Available voltage: 115V/60Hz 1phase, 208-230V/60Hz 1phase DC 300V
Ambient temperature range: -10oC ~ 70oC
Compressor running speed range: Programmed able by user system
Temperature range: Programmed able by user system
Communication interface: Yes
Communication protocol: Yes

Safety Reference:
GB4706 (China) / IEC-EN60335
EMC: GB4343/CISPR14/EN55014
Certification or Approval Reference:
                     MK10423 DC inverter Controller cutsheet.pdf(699KB)
                        Please contact with Aislu services team for all any feature technical information

More Information
MK compressor driver is focus on BLDC compressor driving, the basically principle as below:
A typical dc inverter air conditioner or heat pump is composed with fan motors, bldc compressor, 4-way valve, expansion valve, temperature sensors, heat exchangers...etc; Aislu focus on provide customer bldc driver for the bldc compressor, original equipment manufacturer define system controls and electric components controls (object controls); equipment manufacturer can make controller call mk driver with 0-5V compressor speed adjustment signal or communicate by asynchronism protocol.

Its typical power and wiring connection as below:
Integration of dc inverter air conditioner/heat pump system
Aislu also help a/c or heat pump manufacturing integrate system controller, we work as below process:
1) We require customer provide a air conditioner hardware sample, It is meaning, Indoor unit assembled (only without PCB); Outdoor unit assembled (only without PCB, but bldc compressor installed)
2) We need study very clearly for system requirement, for example, the PCB life, Safe standards, EMC, EER, and A/C unit program required. And all other details requirements(display, dimension, protection, temperature-frequency point…)
3) Then, Aislu will open a development contract to customer to make everything clearly on paper, and we will charge a development fee.
4) We will develop the dc inverter a/c unit controller for you upon the contract and the development fee received; normally the development works need 30-45 days;
5) We setup everything well, and then we install controller on given sample, and return to customer, conduct safe tests, enthalpy method performance tests, working program tests…in lab. And also can find the bugs, or advise us where need to modify.
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