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New Design! 
15w/w EER!
No Compressor!
Energy conservation!
Study the heat pipe principle
Yes, We know it always use heat pipe principle for heating dissipation in laptop computer,
Heat pipes employ evaporative cooling to transfer thermal energy from one point to another by the evaporation and condensation of a working fluid or coolant. Heat pipes rely on a temperature difference between the ends of the pipe, and cannot lower temperatures at either end beyond the ambient temperature (hence they tend to equalize the temperature within the pipe). 
      This is our saying, Then, See what is narrated on Wikipedia,     (Heat pipe narration on Wikipendia)
Aislu's idea
Same as the laptop computer heating dissipation system,  The equipment (server) in server room always generate heating in any seasons, But outside nature temperature is changed by season, For example, in Toronto, The outside temperature is about 4oC ~ 20oC except July;  The server working temperature required under 28oC, even outside is 4oC, the server room still need open the air conditioner to cool down the servers;
Aislu's data center air conditioner idea is, Directly exchange the server generated heating with outside low temperature, then cool down server room and server.
Product Information
There are two kinds of server room air conditioner, One type is install indoor unit on server room wall, and outdoor unit install on outside wall.
Another type is, Install indoor unit onto server cabinet door, and outdoor unit install on outside wall or collect the pipes and install onto water cooling tower.

     GBS6000L, Wall mounting datacenter heat pipe air conditioner
      GSS3000L, Server cabinet  mounting datacenter heat pipe air conditioner
Case and construction study
A telecom server room install with GSS300L server cabinet mounting datacenter heat pipe air conditioner

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