How To Choose Aislu RV Air Conditioner
Aislu produce RV Air Conditioner (Roof Top Air Conditioner) in varied types to meet with different markets need, There are constant-speed, dc inverter, pure dc working types, cool/heat, cool only are available. Below images show the nomenclature of Aislu rv air conditioner:

For example, ACZ26S1UR:
ACZ: the design number, ACZ type, DCZ low profile type, please contact with Aislu services team to learn the newest product information.
26: Unit rated cooling capacity mark depend on Aislu enthalpy tests, this is only mark for model number, the exact rated cooling please find on its servce manual or technical datasheet.
S: Unit working type, this mark to differentiate unit designed working type, There are currently has three working of Aislu rv air conditioner, S: constant-speed compressor installed in system, and system designed constant-speed working;  V: dc inverter compressor installed in system and with dc inverter controls;   D: pure dc compressor installed in system and system work with pure DC300V or DC48V.
1: System refrigeration type, there are heat pump type, cool only and cool only + electrical heat types available in Aislu RV air conditioner production.
U: Power supply, choose the power supply and plug system meet with your local power electricity supply.
R: Controller type, Aislu provides customer remote panel, ceiling controller, wall mounted thermostat.

To meet with different safety standards in different country/zone, the unit may already obtain folloing approvals:

  North American safety approval, mostly 115V.60Hz or 208-230V/50Hz units obtained this approval.
  North American safety approval, mostly 115V.60Hz or 208-230V/50Hz units obtained this approval.
  Europe safety approval, mostly  220-240VAC/50Hz units obtained this approval.
  All of Aislu manufactured international voltage units are marked CE, but do not test with third-party anymore.
  Some units specially designed for China mainland market, and the units may has this mark.
Please contact with Aislu service to verify the approvals.